High Availability for Business-Critical Processes with Viprinet

Here you get a brief insight into the whitepaper "High Availability for Business-Critical Processes with Viprinet". At the end of this page you can download the whitepaper as PDF.

Executiv Summary

In order to be successful, companies today need more bandwidth with higher reliability than ever. Whether in retail or wholesale trade, whether for corporate data exchange or highly secure payment systems, whether for connecting large company sites with one another or for integrating home offices: Doing business has become unthinkable without the Internet. However, failures of individual lines or congestion of mobile networks of large service providers occur far too often, even though offers for business customers with acceptable service levels already are extremely expensive. In these cases, Viprinet WAN bonding technology provides remedy. Viprinet allows bonding and thus summing up all available connections – be they landline or mobile – into one virtual high-speed connection, which is almost always available. In addition, you can rely on sophisticated redundancy systems for all Viprinet devices involved in your connectivity solution Viprinet devices.

Key Points

  • High availability
  • Rock-solid connectivity
  • Benefits of WAN bonding / Hybrid WAN
  • Load-Balancing


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