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To help you get a better overview about Viprinet and its solutions, we'd like to offer you various videos from many areas of our company. We will broaden the range of available videos continuously for you.

Implementation and design of Viprinet for large-scale networks

Often, company networks are structures that have grown over several years and, due to that, cannot be replaced at once. In many cases, these networks are based on MPLS infrastructures that, in turn, are offered as Managed Service by external Internet providers; this is why especially changes to the MPLS solution on short notice, e.g. because a new site has to be connected, can cost a disproportional amount of money. In this video, Christian Gawronczyk, Senior Technical Presales Manager at Viprinet, will explain how Viprinet can be used to increase the performance of MPLS-based corporate networks, or substitute them step-by-step by a Viprinet solution with higher reliability and bandwidth.

Also, feel free to visit the Whitepaper page and download our whitepaper on the topic "Viprinet Large-Scale VPN Deployment" showing you how Viprinet can be an alternative to but also a compliment for your MPLS-based network, all according to your needs.

Viprinet in Action

While in the past, connectivity solutions were especially fit for classic corporate networks with several sites, a distinctly increasing number of applications nowadays need a highly reliable broadband connection, e.g. project management for construction sites, live video transmissions of broadcasting companies, and also new products of Internet Service Providers. Frank Ruge, Chief Sales Officer at Viprinet, provides insight into the manifold fields of application for Viprinet technology which can be configured flexibly for each usage scenario owing to its modularity.

Also, feel free to visit the Whitepager page and download our whitepaper on the topic "Viprinet for business-critical applications" in order to learn in how many diverse industries Viprinet has already been successfully deployed.

Get highly available Internet with Viprinet

Doing business without the Internet has become unthinkable nowadays. Starting from email communication over data transfers up to video conferencing and VoIP telephony, almost all modern applications require a highly available broadband Internet connection. If this connection fails, any foregone sales opportunities quickly entail considerable financial loss. This video will show you how Viprinet can make your company network so reliable that you no longer have to fear loss on revenue caused by a faulty Internet connection.

Feel free to visit the Whitepaper page and download our whitepaper on the topic "High availability for business-critical processes with Viprinet" which will give you detailed information on how Viprinet realizes highly available Internet connections.

Viprinet – Always online, always broadband!

Today, business transactions require enterprises to have an Internet connection with 100% uptime. However, most network solutions dash already against the basics: As soon as an Internet line drops out and mobile radio cells are overbooked, the availability of the connectivity solution decreases significantly. Learn in this video why Viprinet is independent of individual Internet links and can thus help businesses to achieve 100% uptime – at even lower costs.

Feel free to visit our Whitepaper page and download our whitepaper on the topic "Always online – wherever and whenever needed", providing detailed information on the Viprinet principle and its possibilities.

Your experience with Viprinet

For a long time already, our distributors and partners all over the world have been using Viprinet successfully. Learn here which benefits they have experienced by the Viprinet solution and in how far their business has changed by that. In this video, Sharecon, Wired Broadcast, Divider, and eLink Distribution give a little insight into their daily work with Viprinet, and how they bring even the most difficult connectivity projects of their customers to a success.

Soon, we will provide more videos for you here. Then, you can find out for which fields of application is especially suited; how you can integrate Viprinet into already existing large network infrastructures with profitable success; and much more. We thus invite you to visit this webpage frequently within the next weeks - you will see it'll be worth your time!

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