Telematics for M2M and SCADA by bundling UMTS / 3G and LTE / 4G

When machines want to see better

Machine-to-machine communications, in short: M2M, is based on assuming that distant facilities can definitely be accessed either permanently or at certain times. Viprinet provides this required reliability with its bonding of DSL, UMTS / 3G, LTE / 4G and satellite radio





Your benefits from broadband M2M based on the bonding of DSL, UMTS / 3G and LTE / 4G:

  • Highest reliability by bundling DSLUMTS / HSPA+ / 3G, CDMALTE / 4G or satellite radio
  • Always enough bandwidth even in the most distant places
  • Highly reliable remote maintenance made possible by bonding different media from different providers
  • Allows monitoring tasks in KD quality
  • Secure VPN connection for the protection of the sensitive maintenance and monitoring section
Telematics for M2M and SCADA by bundling UMTS / 3G and LTE / 4G

Broadband M2M requires well bundled WAN connections

M2M is one of the fastest growing segments in the ITC: the Internet of things, the network of technical institutions. The tasks to be dealt with are diverse: They range from the monitoring of facilities, infrastructures and processes to the maintenance or control of distant facilities. Depending on the object to be connected, the demand for reliability and high bandwidth can mean the end for a complete M2M project, unless the connection is realized by Viprinet bonding different media such as DSL, UMTS / HSPA+ / 3G, LTE / 4G or satellite radio. With SCADA, the main focus lies on security aspects as it is often employed for control and monitoring of risky and potentially endangered plants and objects. Preventing sabotage and terrorist attacks is one of the most important functions of SCADA.‚Äč

Reliability through redundancy

Viprinet offers the possibility to limit the necessary communication costs to a minimum by using cheaper to consumer lines (with the exception of satellite communications).

At the same time, Viprinet enables high bandwidth for connections - an ideal feature when it comes to monitoring tasks. Furthermore, bonding VPN-SSL tunnels (encrypted with 256bit AES) provides effective protection against industrial espionage and hacking. The flexibility in the choice and combination of WAN connections, which is offered like that only by Viprinet, ensures the connectivity of facilities even at the most exotic places: on-shore and off-shore, and also under adverse operating conditions.

A possible scenario for an off-shore wind turbine could, depending on the country, look like this: UMTS / 3G and/or CDMA connections will be bundled to a virtual leased line and, in case of an outage, be replaced by a satellite radio connection then activated. This saves running costs and, above all, prevents technical service personnel from unnecessary travelling to the site to check the situation.

However, combining several consumer DSL lines at competitive prives with one or two mobile connections (UMTS / HSPA+ / 3G or LTE / 4G) is also an adequate WAN connection for a facility that needs stationary monitoring and remote maintenance. Commissioning different providers for DSL and UMTS / LTE results in the highest possible reliability ever attainable - at consumer prices.

Viprinet provides effective protection against sabotage and terrorist attacks by the ability to bond very different types of media. For example, the connection of a facility with a mix of wired and wireless WAN media already grants a high level of security; by the additional integration of a satellite radio link as a "backup line", maximum protection against external threats or against consequences of natural disasters is possible.


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