Moguntia Food Group

As a world-class spice manufacturer, the Moguntia Food Group dares the difficult balancing act between tradition and modernity. Corporate ethics and quality standards are time-honored, while recipes and production technology are state-of-the-art. In order to remain competitive at all times, the Moguntia Food Group invested in its corporate network at an early stage in order to be able to connect all locations via terminal servers. This also enables central production control, which in turn requires a highly secure, round-the-clock Internet connection. For this purpose, the Moguntia Food Group turned to Viprinet.

Overview of benefits

  • Resilient Internet around the clock
  • Highest data security
  • Easy adaptation to circumstances on site

The challenge

The Moguntia Food Group operates internationally on three continents. In order to keep an eye on supply and demand at all times, the company has outsourced production control to a central server infrastructure. The older locations were brought together at an early stage to form a network; now it was also necessary to integrate the smaller and newer locations into this network. With that, the goal was to make the company’s connectivity resilient, since the technology used previously led to disconnection in the event of a local Internet outage and thus to an interruption of the production process. In addition to an increase in bandwidth and the required reliability, a new connectivity solution should also be easily scalable and cost-effective.


Initially, two Multichannel VPN Hubs 1000 and two Multichannel VPN Hubs 2030 were installed as Viprinet backbone infrastructure in the Moguntia Food Group’s in-house data center. Gradually, the individual locations were converted to Viprinet technology by installing a Multichannel Router 300 or 310. These products were equipped with an Ethernet module as standard and, depending on the local conditions, additionally with ADSL and, if necessary, UMTS/LTE modules. Later on, the smaller and newer sites were equipped with Viprinet routers from the beginning in order to be able to integrate them easily and flexibly into the corporate network. During the initial setup of the Multichannel VPN Hubs in the data center and the installation of the first Multichannel VPN Router at the first site, the company was supported by Viprinet’s support team via remote connection.


By converting the network infrastructure to Viprinet technology, the Moguntia Food Group was able to achieve the ambitious goal of making its Internet connection truly reliable for the first time. The bonding of several Internet links ensures that the company is online at all times and that every location can access the central production control system around the clock. In addition, the use of a central terminal server has now been made possible for the first time, which has significantly improved the employees’ workflow: Everyone has the data they need to work on any computer at any location. At the same time, the Moguntia Food Group has significantly increased the security of its corporate data through the highly secure encryption methods used in Viprinet devices, and the distribution of data traffic over a wide variety of WAN connections. This way, the Moguntia Food Group remains true to its guiding principle of combining traditional product quality with state-of-the-art technology, leaving its competitors far behind.

Customer Opinion

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Viprinet has not only enabled us to significantly increase the reliability of our connectivity, but also to connect external employees to the corporate network in a very simple yet highly secure manner.

Christian Hagemeier, Head of System Administration
Moguntia Food Group

Customer Profile

Moguntia Food Group

  • Business sector: Food manufacturer
  • Headquarters: Mainz, Germany
  • Established: 1903
  • Company sites: 10
  • Employees: 700

Project Facts

Connecting all sites to the data center and operating a stable terminal server

Hardware used:

  • 15x Multichannel VPN Router 300
  • 5x Multichannel VPN Router 310
  • 2x Multichannel VPN Hub 1000
  • 2x Multichannel VPN Hub 2030
  • 1x ADSL2+ Annex B Hotplug Modul
  • 16x Fast Ethernet Hotplug Modul
  • 5x UMTS/LTE Hotplug Modul

Project launch: 2011

Sites connected: 10


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