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Reliable telecommunication systems are vital for each and every company - being unavailable and therefore unable to respond to inquiries means losing turnover. This is especially true for call centers and their business model based entirely on communication. So in this line of business reliability is of highest significance, particularly because communication channels require higher and higher bandwidths themselves, i.e. for video conferencing or VoiP use cases. KiKxxl, a communications provider headquartered in Osnabrück who has won a variety of awards over the years, is counting on Viprinet technology to ensure reliable internet connections for years already.

Benefits of Viprinet's solution

  • Maximum reliability by bonding different WAN connections
  • No necessity for a redundancy location on standby operation
  • Massive cost savings

The challenge

Since 2008 KiKxxl is trusting in a Viprinet WAN bonding solution to connect theirindividual locations to the internet. In all this time only two incidents with failing internet connections happened: one was triggered by an excavator, the other by a power failure at the data center. In both instances the company still was able to use their usual services like VoIP with the remaining bonded lines without interruption, only the cumulative bandwidth went slightly down. However, to stay competitive the call center by now requires increasingly higher bandwidths and a higher level of reliability. To meet the increasing demand for bandwidth, KiKxxl even considered setting up a costly redundancy location thereby staying online even in emergency cases and not missing a single call.


In the first step a 5010 model of Viprinet Multichannel VPN Hubs was installedat the main office in Osnabrück. Next an additional internet connection was set up for each location and then bundled with the preexisting dedicated line by a Viprinet Multichannel VPN Router. Each of the Routers is connected redundantly using Node Stacking and equipped with three Fast Ethernet modules: two modules for running operations, one as backup. This way already installed hardware didn’t have to be removed, but could be complemented conveniently. In addition to the hardware changes the call center also converted to using Viprinet Lifetime Maintenance (VLM). With VLM, each company site benefits from getting better performance out of the installed hardware by running the new firmware generation RuggedVPN, and i.e. from minimized downtimes through ARMA in case a device needs to be replaced.


Uninterrupted connectivity is essential for KiKxxl. For years the company has been counting on the reliable Viprinet bonding technology. It just recently adapted the established IT solution to changing requirements by incorporating more powerful routers and the new service model Viprinet Lifetime Maintenance. By consequently laying out all Viprinet components to maximum redundancy, using different internet providers for the connection itself, Node Stacking for the different routers and Hub Redundancy for all installed hubs, the communication provider is gaining the highest possible reliability other comparable technologies wouldn’t be able to deliver for a competitive price. In addition to that, the Viprinet solution remains scalable: If KiKxxl eventually should require higher bandwidths, supplemental internet connections could be added without time consuming or logistical efforts. Furthermore, the idea of having an expensive redundancy location could be omitted. The location would have been used only in emergency situations, but would have steadily generated costs. With Viprinet, the company is equipped perfectly for many years to come.

Customer Opinion

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Availability means everything to our company. Using a custom-tailored Viprinet solution perfectly fitting our requirements ensures our round the clock presence for our customer.

Lars Höger, Head of IT
KiKxxl GmbH

Customer Profile

KiKxxl GmbH

  • Business sector: Call center
  • Headquarters: Osnabrück, Germany
  • Established: 1999
  • Company sites: 4
  • Employees: 1,600

Project Facts

Renewal of a proven Viprinet solution, established in 2008, connecting multiple sites

Hardware used:

  • 2 Multichannel VPN Router 1610
  • 4 Multichannel VPN Router 2610
  • 1 Multichannel VPN Hub 5010
  • 9 Fast Ethernet Modules

Project launch: 2015

Sites connected: 3


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